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Body Sculpting Can Enhance Your Appearance after Weight Loss

Woman in fitness clothes smilingIf you have recently lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise, bariatric surgery, or giving birth, you may find that your figure lacks definition. You may suffer with excess skin and weakened muscles that make your body appear soft and undefined in spite of your healthy weight. Fortunately, Dr. Boudreaux offers multiple body sculpting options at his New Orleans Metro-area practice to give you those flattering body lines you desire. Contact Dr. Boudreaux today and find out how body sculpting can help you achieve a more toned appearance.

Body Sculpting Candidates

Body lift procedures are designed to tone and tighten the body, and are not intended as a weight loss solution. Rather, body lift procedures are often performed following significant weight loss to remove excess skin, and tighten remaining skin and muscles. Body sculpting candidates wish to achieve improved definition in their body contours. They should be in good health, and have a healthy body weight. 

Treatment Areas

Body sculpting is designed to target multiple areas of the body, and a treatment plan will be customized to meet your needs. Surgical options include:

  • Lower body lift – This is the most comprehensive option, which includes refining your stomach, lower back, groin, hips, and thighs.
  • Tummy Tuck – You can choose a full, mini, or partial tummy tuck to tighten skin, remove stubborn fat deposits, and tighten stomach muscles for a flatter, leaner abdomen.
  • Breast lift – Dr. Boudreaux can eliminate excess tissue and skin to give your bust line a more youthful contour. If necessary, he can reshape your areolas if they have become stretched and irregularly shaped.
  • Arm lift – The upper arms are one of the most common trouble spots for both men and women. During an arm lift, the doctor can remove loose skin and fat between the elbow and the armpit.
  • Thigh lift – A thigh lift can address both the inner and outer thigh, allowing Dr. Boudreaux to create greater definition in these common trouble areas.

The Body Lift Procedure

Because body sculpting is highly personalized, Dr. Boudreaux places a great deal of emphasis on your pre-surgery consultations. In addition to discussing your health history and candidacy, he will note your cosmetic goals to create a personalized treatment plan.

On the day of your surgery, a certified anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist will administer general anesthesia. Body lift procedures begin with strategically placed incisions. Through these incisions, Dr. Boudreaux will tighten weakened muscle, remove excess skin, and may perform liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits. Finally, he will close the incisions, using sophisticated techniques to minimize scarring and set the stage for enhanced body contours. Full healing can take several weeks or months depending on the extent of your procedure. 

Book an Appointment

If you are frustrated with sagging skin and poor muscle tone, body sculpting can help you achieve the lean, attractive contours you desire. Schedule a consultation to learn more about which body lift procedures may be right for you.

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From Dr. Boudreaux's wonderful bedside manner to his amazing staff, I could not have had a better experience! I have recommended and will continue to recommend Dr. Boudreaux to my clients and friends. - Ruthie

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Mandeville Office

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More Info Directions (985) 237-6050